Black Teacher Chronicles

7 Reasons to Subscribe to Black Teacher Chronicles

1) Black Space: A space where Black educators can be our full authentic selves.
2) Glory stories: Our classrooms aren't battlefields, they're sanctuaries so we share our triumphs and our challenges openly.
3) Super human, not super hero: We're not "saving" our children or helping them "make it out". We're helping them make it in, to seeing, exploring, and actualizing their best selves.
4) Bridge builders: Perhaps if white teachers can understand our perspectives they'll be better equipped to understand and serve our children.
5) Replenishing the ranks: The collective wisdom and experience shared here is meant to keep more Black teachers in the field and recruit others to join our noble profession.
6) Research based. Through story telling, we share best practices and the subsequent research.
7) Faith filled: We recognize the anointing of our calling.

3 Reasons to Blog for Black Teacher Chronicles:

1) Share your story.
2) Connect with Black teachers across the globe.
3) A complimentary signed copy of ALWAYS WANT MORE.

Criteria: 500-1500 words of a first hand experience you've had as an educator. You can write anonymously if you like. To submit a blog, email

September 18, 2016

Seven Reasons to Subscribe to Black Teacher Chronicles

1) This is a Black Space This is a space where Black teachers can be our full, authentic selves. By authentic I mean multidimensional. Black Teacher […]
September 5, 2016
7-ways-to-disrupt-the-school-to-prison pipleline-in-urban-education

7 Ways to Disrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline

“Public schools therefore are serving their purpose well in that they prepare students to fulfill their predestined roles in society. So if you’re serious about this […]
July 3, 2016

Urban Education Programs: Show Me the Money

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May 22, 2016

Top Down: The Creation of School Policies

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