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  • I woke up hearing a teen with a book bag on was shot and killed this morning and I prayed all the way to work it wasn't one my kids. Later on, someone was stabbed and killed right down the street from us. Then I attended Banke Awopetu-McCullough's evening event‪ #‎Alwayswantmore and found myself surrounded by positive forces in our community who are making a difference. Highlighting the good things. There is light in the darkness.
    Kelly Johnson
    RCSD teacher since 2004
  • "A Concrete Rose event is poetry in motion. It is a thoughtful and thought provoking. Each event is memorable."
    Craig Carson, Esq.
  • Concrete Rose Publications events are very organized, thought provoking, & engaging. Banke does an amazing job of interacting with her audience through an open dialogue format.
  • “Always Want More” event at Nazareth College was, very enjoyable and quite inspirational. It was a safe environment where we could unpack our feelings and biases about various subjects. I left this event feeling inspired and motivated in knowing that not one teacher is perfect.
    Aisha Price
    Education Student
  • The community convo was an enlightening discussion. The welcoming atmosphere made it all the more easy to open up for real dialogue. It also allowed the opportunity for me to be surrounded by and to network with other remarkable individuals!
    Lauren Haskin