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Concrete Rose Publications tells beautifully painful stories that entertain, enlighten, and empower. ALWAYS WANT MORE is our flagship novel. The Concrete Rose Publications aesthetic is exemplified in our name and logo. There is a particular beauty that is formed in adversity, forged by pain. The stories that excite us the most are rooted in the themes of classic Black literature: coming of age, urban coming of age, resistance, and navigating the Black existence. We love a Black love story and anything that integrates hip-hop. Non-fiction is also welcome. Please note: we don't want anything cliched, corny, or that's been done to death. We're looking for innovation. At CRP, we transcend the label of urban fiction. Our works are literary, yet straightforward, lyrical, gritty, poetic, raw. We are currently expanding into new media, including film and stage. It is our belief that carefully crafted art can uplift entire communities.

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  • Always Want More painted a beautiful picture of Tracy, a young lady trying to find herself while making sense of the world and the environment that surrounds her. I truly related to the main character and her quest to define herself for herself. This novel is a wonderful fusion of introspection, action, love and romance, and dialogue on issues facing the black community.
    Aisha Taylor
    D4 Media Productions
  • Thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author's pace was fast yet consistent; commitment to detail to make the characters real - fallible yet likeable - extraordinary; and true love for the world of hip hop, black culture, and importance of self-love absolutely awe-inspiring. Loved it!
    Amazon Product Review
  • The main character was quite a complex creature and I really enjoyed that. Tracy struggled with right and wrong, spirituality, and love. She was torn between two worlds and watching her navigate was compelling. The main character evolved drastically and McCullough demonstrated this with finesse.
    OOSA Online Book Club
  • ALWAYS WANT MORE is the inspiring, often titillating and epiphany-inducing elixir that our community has been anxiously awaiting.  It has shined a light on my daily struggles and triumphs as a Black educator in Rochester and given weight and relevance to this experience.
    Raina Bouphavong
    Spanish Teacher since 2007
  • Always Want More, an urban novel, whose subtle and sometimes in-your-face calls to social action signal the rebirth of the greatness of the Harlem Renaissance. And her majesty Zora Neale Hurston would be proud to know her crown has found a worthy heir
    Bold Flavor Magazine
  • I don't read fiction often as I'm more of a business and self-development book reader. But once I picked up Always Want More, I couldn't put it down. I grew attached to both the story, and the characters with every turn of the page. I truly enjoyed this hip-hop infused narrative which tackles issues inherent in education, community, and love of self and others. I can't wait until "Always Want More II" is published.
    Ciandress Jackson
    Wunderkind Conuslting